Waiting to plant!

Our little sun room is bursting with life! We have tomatoes, sage, peppers, mints, bee balm, trees of all kinds, some lily bulbs and a couple of hanging baskets with pansies and petunias. Now I’m experimenting with rooting hormone and a soil-less medium so I can learn to root cuttings from just about anything. So much to do!

20160417_180635At the moment we are working on hardening off everything so we can put them in the garden. So far we have cabbage and a few peas in there. I planted a few sage plants but I think I did it too early. I read some conflicting information on when I can plant sage, one read before last frost and another said after last frost. I had two flats, I planted the small one and the other night it got down to 40°. Let’s just say that some of my sage don’t look very happy, really glad I didn’t plant them all. Jimmy made his raised tiered bed for strawberries and planted those last night, can’t wait to see them spread out!
Once we get everything in the garden I can concentrate more on my cuttings and start some fall plants. We are working on making the greenhouse functional, we bought a misting system and are working on it. That’s a discussion for another day.
Thanks for reading!

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