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Just a quick note on a couple of thoughts I had this morning on the way to work. We all hear about the bee population declining and it could be because of a number of reasons. One reason that doesn’t have to help those declining numbers is us gardeners using poisons that basically harm the ecosystem. I completely understand the need to be rid of pests, my last post was mostly to that point. There needs to be a responsible way to keep pests from harming our plants without killing bees or any other pollinators. We can’t have flowers or grow food without them!

I found a couple of articles, mostly from last year but I though they were still relevant. These articles are about neonicotinoid insecticides , which is related to nicotine. Yuck! That should make some want to quit smoking!

The first two articles briefly explains what neonicotinoid is and how to spot it at stores. The last article has information for mostly home gardens.

Since I’m attempting to be an organic gardener I thought these articles were beneficial. They don’t offer natural remedies to pests but that is okay. Knowledge is power and the more I know the better my garden will be.

Enjoy your day and thanks for reading!

Neonicotinoids in Your Garden

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