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More spring bulbs

More spring bulbs

In my last post I mentioned that I have a few clumps of daffodils I would be digging up.  I dug them up yesterday and I found more than a few bulblets, I ended up with tons of them and a few nice full-sized bulbs too.  I never expected to find so many bulbs in there!  I dug in a large circle where the blades of foliage where still intact.  I was trying to be careful not to damage the bulbs with my shovel since I didn’t know exactly where I would find them.  It’s rather difficult to not hit a few while you dig since you can’t see them first, you just have to be gentle.  I moved a lot of the dirt with my hands to try to reduce any damage.  Some of the bulblets came apart or were already separated from the main bulb while I was digging them up and almost all of them had roots.  The main clump of bulbs was several inches deep while most of the smaller bulblets that were already loose were closer to the surface.  It’s no wonder they didn’t flower well, they were mostly in this very large tight clump that I had to coax out of the ground.

The picture below doesn’t show the hole’s depth very well but it does show the amount of bulbs I dug out of there.  I laid these out on my “drying screen” and put them in the basement along with the rest of the lot.






I’m actually amazed at how many bulbs I have.  There will be more to add to them since I know where there are more daffodils I want to move, then I have to decide where to put them.  I’m planning a special perennial garden that a lot of these bulbs will live in, we are going to expand on a bed that is already in place.  Part of that bed has iris and ferns already established in it but we had very few blooms from the iris’ this year, last year was much better.  I’ll have to separate rhizomes on iris’ and ferns in part of that bed, they have grown on top of each other for many years now.  I’m no longer afraid of bulbs but I am just a bit afraid of rhizomes.  For the same reason I was afraid of bulbs, because I have never seen a rhizome much less handled them.  I suppose I’ll get over it quickly, I’ll post on that process when I get there.

Anyhow, I’ve done what needs to be done as far as preparing the bulbs for planting.  I’ll simply go through the same process with other spring bulbs that I dig up.  I’ll post when I start to plant them and as they grow next spring.  I hate to wish time away but I cannot wait to see what our yard will look like next spring.  Hopefully bursting full of life and color!

For now, enjoy some pictures from the vegetable garden.  Lots of things growing already!

Thanks for reading!  🙂

Jalapeno and green bell peppers
Roma tomatoes
Super sweet 100 tomatoes

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