Waiting to plant!

Our little sun room is bursting with life! We have tomatoes, sage, peppers, mints, bee balm, trees of all kinds, some lily bulbs and a couple of hanging baskets with pansies and petunias. Now I’m experimenting with rooting hormone and a soil-less medium so I can learn to root cuttings from just about anything. So much to do!

20160417_180635At the moment we are working on hardening off everything so we can put them in the garden. So far we have cabbage and a few peas in there. I planted a few sage plants but I think I did it too early. I read some conflicting information on when I can plant sage, one read before last frost and another said after last frost. I had two flats, I planted the small one and the other night it got down to 40°. Let’s just say that some of my sage don’t look very happy, really glad I didn’t plant them all. Jimmy made his raised tiered bed for strawberries and planted those last night, can’t wait to see them spread out!
Once we get everything in the garden I can concentrate more on my cuttings and start some fall plants. We are working on making the greenhouse functional, we bought a misting system and are working on it. That’s a discussion for another day.
Thanks for reading!

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Just Starting, Self Propagation

Hello!  I’m Julie. I’m new to blogging and started this one as a way to learn, share and log our new endeavor, a small plant nursery.  Jim (that’s my man) and I love gardening.  We
bought a house last year with an acre and bought a small greenhouse that I am dying to use but it’s not up to par just yet, that’ll be another discussion for another day.  So we propagate and grow in our sun room until we are able to plant them outside in the garden.  We are just getting started in the pictures below.


2016-03-20 15.29.15










When we started last summer or should I say very early spring, we started propagating way too early for just our needs.  We ended up having to put everything in separate pots because it was too cold outside and they were out growing their little space.  We even had too much for just our needs.  We had way too many pepper and tomato plants, we don’t even eat tomatoes.  We did can some salsa that everyone loved and we gave a lot of peppers away.

Our first year gardening presented us with many challenges as we went along, also another discussion for another day.  The biggest challenge we have is time. We both work full-time jobs, Jim also works a second job during the spring and summer cutting grass after he leaves his day job and  I have a very long commute.  That doesn’t leave a lot of time in the evenings during the week where we even feel like pulling weeds or much of anything else.  That leaves the weekends and from what I learned last year, weekend gardening just isn’t going to cut it.  Shew, life goes tooooooo fast and my words have run away!

Anyway, just an introduction into what my blog is about.  I’m anxious to get started writing and documenting everything we do and learn (did I mention I’m going to drive my boyfriend nuts, “stop, hold that, I have to take a picture for the blog!”).

He loves me 🙂

Thanks for reading!  Until next time…