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Be back soon

Be back soon

It’s been over a month since I posted anything.  The month of May turned out to be a not great month for my family.  We lost a very new member to a brain tumor, only 6 weeks old and my boyfriends father died just a week later.   It was a very hard month for all of us.  I have added a couple of links on my page about childhood cancers if you should feel so inclined to give to an extremely worthy cause.  One lesson learned is that things like this are never thought of unless it happens close to home.

I’ll get on with posting in just a little while.  I have taken pics of everything we are doing I just need to put it all together so that it’s chronological and of course makes sense.

Be back very soon.  Thanks for reading!

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Brain Tumor Awareness

This cause is close to the heart of our family, we lost someone to this terrible disease. He was only 6 weeks old. Please give if you can. Your support is appreciated! Thanks!

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