Setting up the garden


I have so much to write about I can overwhelm myself with what I should write next. I already did the intro and sort of listed all of things we have we need to plant so next I’ll show you where we will be planting everything.

At the very bottom of our backyard there is a small creek and sometimes it floods, not planning on planting too much down there now. Our front yard is very close to a busy main road, might be good for business if we get that far but it’s not very good for sunlight in the afternoons. We choose a spot that didn’t already have a building on it and had plenty of light, right next to the greenhouse that you can’t see, it’s on the right in the picture.  The concrete pavers on the left side is our centerpiece for our garden.  We planted a hibiscus last summer, I’m not sure it’ll come back this year sadly.


We didn’t use raised beds last year but we are this year.  Jim built this one before we put the fence up, there’s cabbage in there now.  Not too much to say about setting this up, Jim added compost then tilled it.  Our soil is very clay like and we put so much work and care into growing from seed we want to improve it as much as possible.  Then Jimmy built the raised bed, we put up the fence and viola, done!


The fence is to keep the wildlife from eating our crops.  That works for the small animals of course like rabbits and squirrels, sometimes they get in but it works for the most part.  Deer are another issue all together, they jump.  Last year we bought a sprinkler with a motion detector on it, works very well!  It’s called Havahart Spray Away Motion Activated Sprinkler Animal Repellent, we bought it from Home Depot for about $70.  A little expensive but it’s really low maintenance and we didn’t have any deer in our garden after that.

Then we built two raised beds, one is tiered for the strawberries, I put sage in the other one. Overall, it looks good but we have to till again to get rid of the grass and such that has grown since the first time it was tilled.

Now that the garden is ready, we have to wait for the weather to be ready, always waiting for something.  Some nights are still too chilly for most of the plants, so we wait and water and water and wait.  Things get root bound and have to be transplanted.  It seems like such a waste of time and potting soil but our tomatoes grew so fast we didn’t really have a choice.  It’ll be the peppers next if we can’t put them in the ground soon.  While we wait on the weather, I’ll keep on posting.

Thanks for reading!